Business licenses are required in Gladstone. If a business is being conducted from a Gladstone home, a home occupation permit is also required. For additional questions, call 503-557-2769. Click on any of the following links for additional information:

The city’s business license application
Home occupation forms
Transient Mobile Vendor Permit


Dog Licenses have been tranferred to Clackamas County. Click here to visit their site.
Animal Permit is required for keeping bees, livestock, or fowl. Click here for application.


To conduct or be part of a special event you must view ordinance 1442 and fill out the Special Events Permit Application for review by the Gladstone City Council.

Ordinance 1442 Special Events available here.
Special Events Permit Application available here.


Public Records Request Form: Click here.
Portable A-Frame Sign Application: Click here.
Committee Application: Click here.
Council Application: Click here.
Water & Sewer Account Information Form: Click here.
Low Income Water/Sewer Application Form: Click here.
Block Party Application: Click here.
Street Opening Permit: Click here.
Utility Billing Auto Pay form: Click here.
Gladstone Security Alarm Permit: Click here.