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Citywide Parks Master Plan

We want to hear from you! 

The City has started to create its first citywide Parks Master Plan. The new Plan will establish a path forward for providing high quality, community-driven parks, trails, natural areas and recreation services throughout Gladstone.

The Parks Master Plan will shape the delivery of City-provided parks and recreation services in a manner that is consistent with other city planning goals and is intended to be strategic in focus to help the City respond to three important questions:

What are our strengths?
Where should we focus our efforts?
Who should we serve?

Public input is crucial to make sure program goals and priorities are consistent with community needs and desires.

There will be several opportunities for the community to participate, including a mail and online survey, public meetings and stakeholder discussions. This process will provide an opportunity to identify ways to better serve the recreational needs of the Gladstone community over the coming 5 to 10 years.

To reach out to more residents, the City is launching an interesting social media tool called mySidewalk as part of the project. With mySidewalk, the project team will post questions to the community, and participants can submit answers and comments or bring up their own ideas. Also, the questions we ask will change frequently – keeping the site fresh and dynamic.

The City of Gladstone is excited to provide this online platform for residents to offer their ideas and questions to the project team and receive announcements and updates. The site works a bit like Facebook and LinkedIn. Login today from the City’s webpage to join the community conversation! You can also use your Facebook, Google or LinkedIn accounts to login.

A public open house was held on March […]

90-day Notice of System Development Charge Modification

City of Gladstone

90-day Notice of System Development Charge Modification


The City of Gladstone hereby issues public notice, pursuant to ORS 223.304, of its intent to impose a stormwater system development charge.

A technical report addressing the methodology and calculation of the proposed charge will be available for review after Friday, April 14 at City Hall, 525 Portland Avenue, Gladstone, or by calling 503-656-5225.

A public hearing to take comments regarding the proposed modifications to the System Development Charges is scheduled for 6:30 pm, Tuesday, June 13, at City Hall.  If you wish to comment but cannot attend the public hearing, please address written comments as follows:


Jim Whynot
Public Works Director
City of Gladstone
525 Portland Avenue
Gladstone, OR 97027

Written comments must be received by 4 pm, June 9, to be considered.


To view the full Stormwater System Development Charge Methodology Report please click here.



Oct 18th 2016 Town Hall Meeting Q&As

On October 18th the City held a Town Hall Meeting at the Gladstone high School. There were 91 questions from table discussions and each one is answered. You will find variations of the same question a few times yet we made a commitment to answer every question from each table. A lot of time and thought went into preparing the answers, and we provided as much information as possible. We appreciate your patience in getting you the answers, as improving transparency in local government is our objective for this community. For a copy of the document please click here.

For a copy of the agenda packet of materials presented at the Town Hall click here.

For a copy of the PowerPoint presentations by the Department Head team click here.

To watch the video of the Town Hall please use the following links.

Part 1 click here.
Part 2 click here.

Thank you to those that attended our second annual Town Hall. We remain focused on three objectives:

Continue to make Gladstone a better place to live
Enhance communications between citizens and Gladstone city leaders (get to know each other better.
Discuss our top issues and opportunities.


Gladstone Downtown Revitalization Plan

Project Introduction
Maps & Documents
Schedule & Events

The project team presented a preferred alternative land use and transportation concept to all three project advisory committees on April 20, 2017. The preferred alternative is essentially Alternatives 2, presented and discussed at Open House #2 on February 27, with the addition of a larger downtown core area with a curbless shared, low-speed travel-way and a waterfront park concept. The street design within the downtown core area reflects desirable elements of Alternative 3, also discussed at the February Open House, with additional refinements that emphasize the “Main Street” character of this area. The consultant team will now prepare a program to implement the preferred alternative, including development code changes, funding strategies, and public investments. The preferred alternative and associated implementation action items will be compiled into a draft Gladstone Downtown Revitalization Plan to be considered by the City for adoption in Summer 2017. See “Committee Meeting Materials” below for a link to the presentation slides that describe the preferred alternative.


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The City of Gladstone is planning for the future of the City’s Downtown area, centered on Portland Avenue. The goal of the project is to create a more cohesive main street that re-establishes the corridor as the city center. The Downtown Revitalization planning process will identify development opportunities and appropriate land uses, including the location and type of public spaces (e.g., plazas or courtyards), that can make the area more attractive and inviting for residents, businesses and visitors alike.  The project will result in a master plan for Portland Avenue that guides future development in the corridor and ensures that there are safe and convenient connections to the area for all modes of travel – driving, walking, bicycling and transit. An implementation strategy will include tools to support […]

Gladstone Transportation System Plan Update

The City of Gladstone is currently in the process of updating its Transportation System Plan (TSP). Please use the following link to view the Gladstone Transportation System Plan Update Project Website.

Job Opening – Temporary Seasonal Employee – Public Works

Specifics: The City of Gladstone is now taking applications for Temporary Seasonal Employment.  Applicants must be at least 18 years of age, have a valid Oregon driver’s license, have a High School diploma or GED equivalent, and three favorable work-related references.  Selected applicants will be invited to an interview and must pass a drug screen and must consent to a background check by the police department. Duties include: trash collection, mowing, paving, general maintenance,  and assisting full time staff as needed. Typical work week is a maximum of 40 hours per week, including some weekends.

Compensation: Starting salary – $10.00/hr – $15.00/hr – depending on qualifications.

Position Description

Required Application Package includes the following:

City Application

Applications will be accepted until all positions are filled.  Applications must be delivered to: Gladstone City Hall, Attention Jim Whynot, Public Works Director, 525 Portland Ave. Gladstone, OR 97027.

City of Gladstone Library Update

For a copy of the Library Press release click here.

For a copy of the Library Newsletter click here.

On August 22, 2016 the City of Gladstone sent a letter to the Clackamas County Commissioners regarding a breach of contract complaint the City intends to file in the Clackamas County Circuit Court. For a copy of the letter click here.

For a copy of the breach of contract complaint click here.

For a copy of the Exhibit 1 of the Library Capital IGA click here.


Gladstone has officially replied to the Clackamas County Board of County Commissioners (BCC) in regard to their requests for additional information on the library project.  Attached is our original request letter to the BCC from 2/22/16, the BCC’s reply with requests from 3/8/16, our reply with requested information from 6/21/16, a copy of the Gladstone Library Ballot Measure from 11/14, both the Capital and District IGAs, and Eligible Preliminary Project Schedule.  The Preliminary Project Schedule will be updated with new dates when the project starts.

Clackamas County now has 60 days (8/20/16) in which to transfer the funds to Gladstone.  The city will continue to keep you updated.

To view a complete time line click here.

To view the Original Request Letter to BCC on February 22, 2016 click here.

To view the BCC’s reply with requests on March 8, 2016 click here.

To view the Gladstone’s reply June 21, 2016 click here.

Other Related Documents

To view the January 12, 2016 meeting notes between Clackamas County staff and Staff Attorney Counsel Chris Story regarding combined Oak Lodge/Gladstone Library click here.

To view the Clackamas Review article from October 22, 2014 click here.

To view the Library Ballot Measure from November 14, 2014 click here.

To view the IGA between Clackamas County and Gladstone for capital […]

Consumer Confidence Report 2015

To view a PDF version of this document click here.

Gladstone Security Alarm Permit

Gladstone Security Alarm Permit General Information
The full text of the Gladstone Municipal Code on security alarms can be found here. It is Chapter 5.60 – Security Alarm Systems. To download the Alarm Permit Application please click here.

Listed here is an overview of selected ordinance requirements:

Every alarm user is required to obtain a City of Gladstone Alarm User Permit for each alarm system.
Each alarm permit is good for one year from date of issue.
Alarm permits are issued for a specific location and are not transferrable to another location or person.
The alarm user must update the alarm coordinator of changes to information found on the permit application.
The alarm permit shall be physically displayed in a location on the alarmed premises that is clearly visible for inspection purposes.
The alarm permit fees and penalties are established by City Council resolution; fees are listed in chart below.

 Alarm permit fee schedule:

Initial alarm permit or annual renewal

Late penalty – applied 30 days after expiration date for renewal or initial alarm system installation

First false alarm (within permit year)
No charge

 Second false alarm (within permit year)

Third false alarm (within permit year)

Fourth and each subsequent false alarm (within permit year)

Failure to obtain an alarm permit


Mail completed application and payment to:         Gladstone Police Department

Attn: Alarm Coordinator

535 Portland Ave

Gladstone, OR 97027

Payments accepted via check or money order made payable to Gladstone Police Department.


Please contact Maria Aikin at the Gladstone Police Department via email at or via phone at 503-557-2798.