The Senior Center Board of Directors consists of nine (9) voting members; two thirds (2/3) of whom shall be fifty-five (55) years of age or older who are not officers or employees of the city; one (1) Representative from each of the following groups shall sit on the Board but shall hold no vote: City Council and Senior Center Staff. The Board is appointed by the Mayor with the approval of the Council for terms of three years (Resolution No. 624) and is scheduled to meet quarterly, usually on a Tuesday afternoon.

Duties of the Senior Center Board of Directors include:

  • Serve in an advisory capacity to the City of Gladstone, City Council, and Senior Center staff on matters affecting program and policy.
  • Provide for educational, recreational, nutritional, social and cultural needs, and promote mutual friendliness between individuals and groups who participate.
  • Ascertain the needs of older persons, to coordinate and mobilize public and private resources at all levels, and to gain, build, develop and maintain such programs.
  • Develop volunteer opportunities for all individuals to serve one another and their community.
  • Cooperate with the city and other agencies to provide enhanced senior services for the center and its community.

Advisory Board Member:Term Expires:
Len Nelson12-31-18
Linda Andrews12-31-19
LaBerta (Boots) Droz12-31-18
Katie Ellerby12-31-17
Elaine Hermens12-31-17
Nancy Turner12-31-19
James Pritchard12-31-18
Niki Squires12-31-18
Colette Umbras12-31-17
Pat McMahon (Council Rep)