The purpose of the Municipal Court is to ensure that each person accused of a violation (infraction), or crime be guaranteed and provided all the constitutional rights to a fair and speedy judicial process in such a manner that it preserves both the dignity and rights of the defendant, as well as the citizens of Gladstone.

The Gladstone Municipal Court is the judicial branch of Gladstone city government. The Court has jurisdiction over all city and most state law offenses committed within the city limits of Gladstone, excluding felony matters.

The Gladstone Municipal Court also has Justice of the Peace Jurisdiction which it is currently not exercising.

Court is held on the Second and Fourth Tuesday of each month from 8:30am-5pm
or until court is completed.


Presiding Judge: The Honorable Linda Beloof
City Attorney for Criminal Matters:  Melissa Jones
Located within City Hall
525 Portland Ave
Gladstone, OR 97027
Phone: (503) 557-2772
Fax: (503) 650-8938