Juror Information Form Juror Information Form to be completed and returned to Court Clerk’s office only by those who have been selected as prospective jurors.

Application for Court Appointed Attorney Application for Court Appointed Attorney to be completed and brought with you at your appearance.

Vehicle Compliance Form: Compliance needs to be signed by a Gladstone Police Officer and returned to the court clerk before your court date.

Public Records Request Form

DUII Form1 Petition and Agreement
DUII Form2 Diversion Order
DUII Form3 Sworn Statement of Eligibility
DUII Form4 Plea Petition
DUII Form5 Order on Petition to Plead
DUII Form6 Summary of DUII Diversion Fees

Oregon Law provides for a diversion program for individuals who have not been convicted of a DUII or have not participated in a DUII Diversion Program in the past 10 years prior to the current DUII arrest. In addition, to qualify for the DUII Diversion Program, this arrest could not have involved an accident in which another person was injured.


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