Jury Information

How was I selected for Prospective Jury Duty?
Each year a pool of prospective jurors is selected from the registered voter and Department of Motor Vehicle files to serve on the Gladstone Municipal Court Jury for a calendar year.

I was selected. Now what do I do?
If you are selected as a prospective juror, then you will be mailed an information packet. One of the items in that information packet will be a Juror Information Form which you will need to fill out and return.

I lost my Juror Information Form. What should I do?
You need to either contact the Court Clerk to have a new form mailed to you, or you can download a copy from the Court Forms page.

Will there be an indoctrination for new jurors?
Prospective jurors will be notified about the indoctrination date and time. It is normally held in January.

What is the length of service?
You will serve for one year. Since the Jury Trials are limited, you are not likely to serve on more than one case, if at all.

How do I get out of serving?
The eligibility and exemptions allowed from jury duty are those stated in ORS 10.030, 10.050, and 10.090. All requests to be excused from jury duty must be in writing and attached to the completed jury form that is sent to each prospective juror for the calendar year. You will be notified as to the ruling on your request for exemption after the indoctrination meeting.

What about my vacation?
The court will try to work with you on your vacation schedules.

Will I need to call or visit the court every day?
You do not need to call or visit the court every day. For each case requiring a jury, jurors will be selected at random. If you are selected you will be notified by mail to your residence which will identify the exact date, time, and case.

If I receive notice will I serve on the jury?
Gladstone Municipal Court juries consist of six persons. Normal policy is to select nine people with three alternates available for each trial. Being selected as one of the nine people does not necessarily mean that you will be picked for any of the cases inasmuch as your names are picked at random and the attorneys do have a right to exercise their voir dire challenges.

What happens if the case is settled in advance?
You will be notified if the case that you were selected for is settled prior to the court date.

Will I be paid?
You are paid by the city after the completion of each trial for which you have served as either a regular or alternate juror pursant to the city ordinance rates.

When are trials held?
Most trials are currently scheduled for Monday mornings, with conclusion by the same afternoon. However, this does not preclude the possibility of trials scheduled on other days of the week.