We want to hear from you! 

The City has started to create its first citywide Parks Master Plan. The new Plan will establish a path forward for providing high quality, community-driven parks, trails, natural areas and recreation services throughout Gladstone.

The Parks Master Plan will shape the delivery of City-provided parks and recreation services in a manner that is consistent with other city planning goals and is intended to be strategic in focus to help the City respond to three important questions:

  • What are our strengths?
  • Where should we focus our efforts?
  • Who should we serve?

Public input is crucial to make sure program goals and priorities are consistent with community needs and desires.

There will be several opportunities for the community to participate, including a mail and online survey, public meetings and stakeholder discussions. This process will provide an opportunity to identify ways to better serve the recreational needs of the Gladstone community over the coming 5 to 10 years.

To reach out to more residents, the City is launching an interesting social media tool called mySidewalk as part of the project. With mySidewalk, the project team will post questions to the community, and participants can submit answers and comments or bring up their own ideas. Also, the questions we ask will change frequently – keeping the site fresh and dynamic.

The City of Gladstone is excited to provide this online platform for residents to offer their ideas and questions to the project team and receive announcements and updates. The site works a bit like Facebook and LinkedIn. Login today from the City’s webpage to join the community conversation! You can also use your Facebook, Google or LinkedIn accounts to login. https://mysidewalk.com/organizations/294212/gladstone-citywide-parks-master-plan

A public open house was held on March 9, 2017 to let residents share their ideas and comments about park, trail and outdoor recreation improvements.

A second open house meeting was held on May 17, 2017 to share information about the project and a summary of survey results. Attendees were asked to help prioritize park and facility improvement projects..

The City recently completed a community survey to captured attitudes and preferences toward Gladstone’s parks and recreation opportunities. View the summary results here.

Final review and adoption of the Plan tentatively is scheduled for Summer 2017.

This web page will provide updates on the planning process, public meeting schedule, surveys, etc. For more information, call (503) 656-7957.