On October 18th the City held a Town Hall Meeting at the Gladstone high School. There were 91 questions from table discussions and each one is answered. You will find variations of the same question a few times yet we made a commitment to answer every question from each table. A lot of time and thought went into preparing the answers, and we provided as much information as possible. We appreciate your patience in getting you the answers, as improving transparency in local government is our objective for this community. For a copy of the document please click here.

For a copy of the agenda packet of materials presented at the Town Hall click here.

For a copy of the PowerPoint presentations by the Department Head team click here.

To watch the video of the Town Hall please use the following links.

Thank you to those that attended our second annual Town Hall. We remain focused on three objectives:

  1. Continue to make Gladstone a better place to live
  2. Enhance communications between citizens and Gladstone city leaders (get to know each other better.
  3. Discuss our top issues and opportunities.